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Cybernetik Brew Science is a division of the Cybernetik Techologies group. Cybernetik Technologies has been designing and building state of the art process equipment for the pharmaceutical and food industries for the past 25+ years. With our extensive background in process equipment, Cybernetik Brew Science was started in 2010 to modernize the art of brewing by including the latest technological advancements in manufacturing, electronics and control.

Our Strengths

  • Our strong belief in the fundamental principles of engineering.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in technology.
  • Development of strong, dependable human capital.


  • 4 manufacturing plants | 18000 m² manufacturing area | Dedicated stainless steel plant - 6000 m²
  • 2 design offices | Virtual Reality lab
  • 100 engineers | 150 technicians | 30 support staff


With a passion for brewing, our team has designed and built a state of the art, automatic microbrewery that can be installed in pubs, restaurants and clubs. Since 2012, we have installed breweries ranging in capacity from 150 liters to 500 liters.

Main features:

  • Complete Stainless steel 304 mirror finish.
  • On-board computer to monitor temperature curves and control motors drives and heaters through optimized PID control.
  • Easy to use SCADA and HMI systems
  • Integrated CIP systems and optimally designed vessels for complete cleaning.


  • Fully automatic system with built in recipe storage system
  • No brew master required
  • Reduced energy costs with a total power consumption of 30kW
  • Optimized footprint and elegant design
  • Plug and play system that can be installed in 2 days.

We have a pilot brewery available for testing and brewing your own beer before you order your own!

Hops Extraction System

To make the brewing process more efficient, improve brew quality and reduce cleaning time that’s wasted in cleaning out spent hops, we have developed a super critical fluid extraction system for extracting and preserving alpha acids and hop oils in a concentrated form.

These hops extracts can be used like original hops but come with added advantages like:

  • They require lesser storage space than hops,
  • They have a longer shelf life,
  • Extracts ensure preservation of essential bittering and aroma components

The SCFE systems built by Cybernetik have been installed extensively in USA for hops extraction. Our systems are easy to use and maintain, come equipped with an on-board computer for continuous monitoring and control and ensure highest safety standards for usage.


Cybernetik offers a range of research distilleries for generation of high purity ethanol. Our distilleries are a result of our deep research in ensuring process integrity and ease of use for the end users. The distilleries consist of two column stills with analyzer and rectification sections, coupled with molecular sieve columns for generation of fuel grade ethanol.

The research distilleries are ideally suited for educational and research institutions.

  • The capacities range from 1hL to 10hL
  • They include a user-friendly SCADA system for continuous process monitoring and control
  • All equipment is built adhering to highest manufacturing standards for hygiene and quality

The distillery is offered with mashing-saccharification vessels, agitated fermenters and support vessels for storage.

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Cybernetik Technologies is an Indian industrial automation company that designs, builds and installs turnkey automation systems to address the material handling and processing needs of the agro process, food, automotive and environment sectors. Cybernetik Brew Science division has the expertise in building customized brewing and distillation systems. We are a single source solution for all brewing automation requirements by providing services ranging from concept generation to installation, commissioning, training and after-sales support.

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